YouTube Pulse, which has been in Denmark, Spain, Greece, Canada and many other countries, where the names of the YouTube world meet on the same stage, is planned to be held in Istanbul for the first time in collaboration with Brand Week Istanbul and YouTube.


In parallel with Brand Week Istanbul 2018 event concept ‘Ideas Without Borders', it was expected that YouTube's products, services and power will be demonstrated with YouTube experiences and YouTube universe.


It shouldn't be a normal opening ceremony for the stage and we need to use the YouTube concept with an idea that has never used before.


We need to create an opening show by using YouTube products & contents. Also, YouTube Pulse aims to measure the pulse of its universe as its name and giving the latest improvements & developments during the event.


Then we start to think and find a way to using YouTube content and insights in a show which uses visual art and sound natural.


When we think about Pulse, we need to visualize the YouTube universe and the best way to do that we decide to use YouTube users’ data’s during the show with an artistic way:

An opening ceremony with YouTube users’ data, visual art & sound.



YouTube Pulse Opening Ceremony is a pure generative approach to visualizing the interaction between YouTube users and the creator's data, provided by YouTube. This data collection transformed into an epic experience and visualized on a 38 meters by 8 meters long LED screen & 38 sharpy light with a specially composed track by Mehmet Ünal.


Direct Marketing Awards 2019

Special Events Award

Ace of Mice Turkey Awards 2019

The Best Adapted Event Award


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Social Media Reach

Event Agency


Production Company


Creative Director | Lead Artist

Süleyman Yılmaz

Creative Director | Composer

Mehmet Ünal

Lighting Design

Kayhan Koşar

Lead 3D Artist

Aykut Önal

Lead Compositing Artist

Barış Gürsel

Senior Project Manager

Ceren Sipahi