Camel requested a video mapping idea from us for their 100th Annual Celebration and we thought how we could transform it to an interactive experience for the users. So we came up with the idea of a Video Jukebox.

We began the process by selecting 10 of the artworks specially made for Camel's 100th anniversary. Then we started animating them by synchronising with the sounds that we excecutively designed for the animations. To make the interactive experience more interesting and familiar for the users, we designed an iPad user interface, based on controlling a knob.


To make the user experience more realistic and to protect the continuity between the screens (iPad and Projection Mapping) we placed an orb in the middle of the knob, that represents the selected design.

By throwing this orb to the projection mapping using just a finger gesture, users felt the control in their hands and made the experience much more custom.





People used interactive projection mapping while event.


Agency & Production Company


Creative Director | Lead Artist

Süleyman Yılmaz

Lead Motion Graphics Artist

Hakan Yılmaz

Sound Design

Ah! Kozmos