BOYNER, one of the biggest retailer chains in Turkey, wanted to offer a new and innovative way to encourage and inspire shoppers, showcase their great deal of product range and above all, create a unique and engaging experience.


First of all, we studied Boyner experience in the field and found out one of the biggest disruptions in the smooth shopping journey, especially in the rush hours, was the long waiting lines in front of registers.

Lines are too long, shoppers could even be seen at the outside of the store. Therefore, we need to solve the line problem first. So, we created a solution to browse around outfits, mix & match and even buy them from mobile devices. We created the very first interactive retail window display in Turkey.


We created an application which lets shoppers choose an outfit, drag them onto the models and watch models try outfits for them. All items are ready to mix and match.


Shoppers can purchase their combination by scanning a unique QR code generated on request without a Boyner mobile app necessary!



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