When Nike Team first came to us,

they had a problem just before the Air Max 720 launch.

They figured out their focus group couldn’t tell what they feel about the new product because of its big air tread. After that, we take this as a brief and we start to think about feelings. Can we see the feelings or can we measure them?  If so, how?


First, we had to find out how to see feelings; that question led us to

EEG Data. For a starter, we created software that helps us to measure and record people’s feelings through their EEG Data.


During the process, we thought about being a part of something big with the feelings and another question came up: 


Can data turn into an art piece? Can people be a part of public art?

Starting from these new questions, we decided to invent something big, a data sculpture by a co-creating collective data with 720 participants, regarding Air Max 720.



Experience areas designed for evaluating feelings toward Air Max 720 via EEG Technology.

 Areas are inspired by an air bubble with a medical EEG device and laptop with our custom  software inside it. 

Our neuroscience team measured participants feelings and personalized videos indicating that feelings toward Air Max 720 new given to subjects after completing the experiments.



Kristal Elma 2019

The Grand Award of Digital

The Best Installation
The Best Data Visualization


The Best Launch Campaign

13.2 M

Social media Reach



Consumers shared their feelings.


Store Traffic Increase



Creative Director

Süleyman Yılmaz

Lead Artist

Refik Anadol

Senior Project Manager

Elif Data Demirci

Art Director

Ahmet Öztürk

Event Company